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PowerPoint Games "Metal Slug"

Crazy Guitar Hero. 
       The most famous video game of SNK Metal Slug is now in your PowerPoint, control your soldier and remove all the enemies found in your way.

       The PowerPoint game Metal Slug is settled in the Second World War, where our main character, Marco, will have to eliminate all the soldiers of the oppsite army. To do that, he will have the help of three more characters , Eri, Tarma and Firo, as well as their guns, bombs and even big vehicles like tanks.
        As many other games, at the end of each level, you will fight against the boss, where you will have top up all your attention and abilities to defeat him.
The action is ensured with Metal Slug.
Developer: Emection.
Kind of Power Point Game : Action
Powerpoint game Metal Slug

Sumber : Gamespowerpoint.com 
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