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Corel VideoStudio Pro X5

Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 a comprehensive video editor that combines artistic editing, advanced effects, record from the screen, interactive video for the Internet and the decision to create the disks. Featuring exceptional performance package of intuitive tools allows you to create family movies and slide shows, an exciting frame animation, write to the screen for presentations, manuals or other purposes.

Limitless possibilities through improved tools for creating tracks and a brilliant artistic effects. Use the full power multi-core processors with unprecedented performance. Share your videos with support for HTML5 video and advanced tools for creating DVD and Blu-ray ™.

- To create a movie in minutes by clicking on one of the many templates to quickly create a project and then just drag it to the desired content!
- Step by step interface helps in the process.
- Undock, drag and place the widgets on the screen any way.
- Drag and drop multimedia content and graphics on the assembly line, and then add effects, transitions, and more. You can show or hide track, zoom in and out, and adjust the timeline.
- Create stunning effects, importing images from layers of Corel PaintShop Pro into separate tracks.
- Create a cartoon with people, puppets and other objects.
- 21 track for multimedia, graphics and titles allows you to create video content.
- You can take the characters on green screen, and then, using this effect, put them in a different situation.
- Fast Forward the video to create unique effects.
- Record screen slide shows, presentations, product demonstrations, passing games, and tutorials, and then publish them online.
- Use the opportunity to trim video and add transitions, text and graphics to create professional screencasts.
- Quickly publish video on the Internet, using the built-in export for YouTube ™, Facebook ® and Flickr ®, or create your own web site using HTML5.
- Use the integrated tools to create a disk for recording screencasts on DVD or Blu-ray ™ using on-screen graphics, menus, titles and subtitles.
- Create interactive content for web sites and videos online using the built-in hyperlinks, screen graphics and subtitles, using the new Internet standard.
- Fast loading videos to YouTube ™, Vimeo ®, Facebook ®, Flickr ®, and other sites.
- Import video from a variety of formats disks, devices, or from the file and then convert, resize, or edit the video using the fast receding with the power settings.
- Create DVD and Blu-ray ™
- Edit and create titles and subtitles, burn to disc ISO-images – these and many other opportunities available through improved tools for creating CDs.
- Demonstration of the movie on iPad ®, iPhone ®, PSP ® and other mobile devices.

New features
- New! Recording a picture from the screen
- New! Support for HTML5
- Enhanced! Increased productivity
- New! Import multi-layered graphics
- New! Template Library
- Enhanced! Scaling the workspace
- Enhanced! Creating a DVD-ROM drive
- Enhanced! Download templates and sharing them, as well as receive free textbooks
- Enhanced! Support for more cameras
- New! 21 Multimedia Track
Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 is an all-in-one video editor that brings together creative editing, advanced effects, screen recording, interactive web video and total disc authoring. Ultra-fast and packed with intuitive tools, it lets you create everything from family movies and slideshows, to fun stop motion animations, and screen recordings of presentations, tutorials and more. Get creative with advanced compositing and stellar creative effects. Tap into the full power of your multi-core processor with unprecedented speed. And share everywhere with native HTML5 video support, and enhanced DVD and Blu-ray ™ authoring.
- Choose from a variety of Instant Projects, drop in your content and make a movie in minutes!
- Let the step-by-step interface guide you as your work.
- Unlock, drag and place your interface any way you want.
- Drag your media and graphics onto the Timeline, then add effects, transitions and more. Reveal or hide tracks, zoom in and out, or customize the Timeline.
- Create stunning effects by importing image layers from Corel PaintShop Pro onto individual tracks.
- Have fun creating animated movies featuring people, toys or objects.
- Make content-rich video productions with 21 tracks for media, graphics and titles.
- Combine with your green screen to shoot subjects in front of one background, then place them in another setting.
- Accelerate your footage to create unique effects.
- Capture and share slideshows, presentations, product demos, gameplay or tutorials.
- Trim video and add transitions, text and graphics to create a professional screencast.
- Get your video onto the web fast with integrated export to YouTube ™, Facebook ® and Flickr ®, or build your own website via HTML5.
- Use the comprehensive disc authoring tools to put your screencast on DVD or Blu-ray ™, complete with onscreen graphics, menus, titles and subtitles.
- Create interactive content for websites and online videos with integrated hyperlinks, onscreen graphics and titles using this new web standard.
- Quickly upload your video to YouTube ™, Vimeo ®, Facebook ®, Flickr ® or other sites.
- Import a large variety of video formats-from disc, device or file-and convert, resize or edit with widely customizable, high-speed transcoding.
- Edit and create titles and subtitles, burn from ISO disc image and more thanks to advanced disc authoring tools.
- Share your movies on iPad ®, iPhone ®, PSP ® and other mobile devices.
What’s new in Corel VideoStudio Pro X5
• NEW! Screen recording
• NEW! HTML5 support
• Enhanced! Faster performance
• NEW! Import multi-layer graphics
• NEW! Template library
• Enhanced! Workspace scalability
• Enhanced! DVD authoring
• Enhanced! Download and trade templates, plus get free tutorials
• Enhanced! Support for more cameras
• NEW! 21 multimedia tracks
What’s new in Corel VideoStudio Pro X5
- New resolution support for stop motion capture
- Fix for memory leak error while converting Blu-ray files
- Improved compatibility with multiple video file formats, including Mpeg2, Mpeg4, Mov and H.264
- Fix for audio relink error
- Fix for file extension error for HTML5 projects
- Fix for the repaint error in library
- Improved the capability to add more Time Lapse images
- Fix for capture error occurring in some webcams and cameras

Download Link :
Jumbofile : http://jumbofiles.com/3pg224pwwnsm
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